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17th April 2012, 16:47
Hi I'm looking for A3000D with :

- Amiga 3000 Desktop PAL
- Cpu 68030 25Mhz / 68882 FPU or greater
- 2MB chip ram and min 8MB fast ram
- Motherboard Rev 9/03 Daughterboard rev 7/01
- Kick 3.1, Superbuster 09/11, Ramsey greater than 04,
- FDD and SCSI HDD (greater than 200 MB :) )

or similar config

Thanks for looking

5th August 2012, 09:31
Hello, have you found yet what you're looking?

i've the following:

A3000D PAL

68030/68882 25Mhz

2Mb Chip
8Mb Fast (Zip chips)

Motherboard revision 9/01
Daughterboard revision 7/01

it comes with working floppy unit.
100Mb Quantum fireball SCSI hardisk
2Gb Quantum fireball SCSI hardisk
External SCSI box with Yamaha 4x4x16 Rewriter.

No battery damage, removed just before started leaking.

Custom chip versions:

rom 2.0
Super DMAC 390537-02
Ramsey 390541-04
Super Buster 390539-07
SCSI WD33C93A-PL 00-04

comes with A3000 english manuals and 2.0 installation disks.

very good visual state, not very yellowing.
31khz image over amber chip very crisp and clear.

will send photos if interested.

28th September 2012, 19:09
Please admins close this thread as I found one AMiga outside Amibay.