View Full Version : Closed Alfa Data RA5-2MB A500 2meg ram card

17th April 2012, 19:30
Hi all. As in my other for sale thread i have aquired an 030 but she who must be obeyed says i must sell some of my other Amiga stock to help fund it.
I recently purchased this fantastic piece of kit on here for my retrobrighted A500 but the 030 takes priority.
The Alfa Data RA5-2MB consists of two boards. One sits in the gary socket with your gary chip being inserted in to this board. The other slots in to the trapdoor slot and they have a bridging wire to connect them. There is also a case mountable on / off switch and instruction book. It all comes in its original box and the battery has been expertly removed.

The price is 60 inclusive of postage within the UK. Anywhere else will require quoting. Buyer responcible for paypal fees. Usual site rules apply declairing interest and sending me a pm :)

The item is listed elsewhere ;)


19th April 2012, 12:55
Item has been sold elsewhere. Thread can now be closed :)