View Full Version : Found BMON monitor switcher

18th April 2012, 15:34
Need a BMON for my Bvision. Will accept offers worldwide, will pay fair price + shipping

19th April 2012, 12:08
I have BMON.............

You have PM. ;)

19th April 2012, 22:44
I realize this is one of those BMONs that look a bit "hand made" if Im not mistaken but it is from Amigakit originally if I "researched" it right.

Sent you a couple of pm and I was busy so it may have been confusing so I would like to make clear that I want it and declare interest for your BMON. I offer 50 eur + shipping costs + paypal costs. And hope to have your paypal address soon :)

20th April 2012, 01:22
Payment sent!

(Now IŽll try to beat my imsomnia and go catch some z)

20th April 2012, 05:18
All good : payment received ! :thumbsup:

Shipment will be done next Monday as post office is closed on the weekend in australia (happy people...).

Thanks mate.

23rd April 2012, 11:45
BMON shipped tonight ! :thumbsup:

Should be at your place (hopefully) by end of next week !