View Full Version : Sold Atari 600XL lot and floppy Drive (USA and CANADA)

21st April 2012, 04:38
HI all I have decided to just get rid of my NTSC Atari 600XL lot, that can be seen here (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=28315) in my other thread (These are not the Atari's you are looking for). As right now, I do not have the time and don't want to waist money to get this going.
I have put of a reserved for SaviorX first, as we discussed it in my thread.
Right now, it consists of an UNTESTED NTSC Atari XL with power supply and RF cabling/switch box.
The 64K expansion Cartridge.
Rana 1000 Boxed Floppy Drive, with book (no inserts)
3 Scott Adams adventure floppies (The Count,Secret Mission, Pirate adventure)
Quix (boxed), Sadly just the box for DigDug no cart,
Some books
Boxed Star Raides,
I haven't checked Shamus or Fort Apocalypse yet, to see if its all there.
There is NO SIO cable to hook up the floppy drive to see if it works, so this will remain Untested and somewhat dirty.
Asking $40 USD Includes Shipping to Canada
Asking $60 USD Includes Shipping to the USA
Absolutely No WorldWide shipping Unless you are prepared for the shocking shipping charges.

Reserved for SavoirX until he Declines

21st April 2012, 05:00
interested and payment next week as agreed, thanks very much Glen

21st April 2012, 16:18
No problem,
I check the Shamus and Fort Apocalypse boxes, there is an instruction manual and factory floppy disk in each. it was just the Dig Dug missing, so I won't include that flattened box. There is also an unmentioned floppy disk holder with a few "Blank" floppy disks in it

25th April 2012, 16:15
Payment received from SavoirX will ship asap:thumbsup:

28th April 2012, 18:01
This has been shipped:thumbsup:

4th May 2012, 18:05
received and feedback left, thank you

4th May 2012, 19:00
Good deal guys all FB left closing the thread..:thumbsup: