View Full Version : He went racing

4th August 2009, 16:49
further to my "we're going racing" thread here's another one (note we did not go racing with this)


Kin Hell
4th August 2009, 17:10
Looks like the driver has tried cutting the grass with it, instead of racing. :blink:


4th August 2009, 17:27
i think he was cutting walls not grass :wink:

4th August 2009, 17:37
It'll buff out; a dose of T-Cut and no-one will notice....... :whistle:

Kin Hell
4th August 2009, 17:42
Maybe a splash of goat or sheep at the front would deal with the grass. That Grille looks more like a feeding trough in a barn. Must have been a fair old clout for the exhaust to be swinging outwards as it is. Over all, I'd say there was definitely more 'bust' than 'Monte-Carlo'. :mrgreen:
I take it the driver was unscathed?


4th August 2009, 17:51
yeah just ego and pride damage :wink:

4th August 2009, 18:44
...And a repair bill with zeros enough to buy some C= A4000T (only ~400 in existence) with PPC accelerators, Picasso IV or other expensive card and all an ultimate Amiga must have...

5th August 2009, 15:51
i think the cost of all the miggy bits you'd ever want wouldn't even come close to repairing this, it may pay for a wing? maybe.....

5th August 2009, 16:22
So, is that car going back to Maranello for a repair quote, or is a local panel beater going to fix it? I can't see the insurance company liking the bill...

Was it was insured for racing...? :shock:


7th August 2009, 23:52
@ Merlin, this is an AC Cobra, so Ferrari won't touch it. the insurance lot have been in and just said "get it done" so we'll "get it done!" lol be a nice little job this, and we've fixed worse ;o)