View Full Version : Closed scan line generator 3000 (slg 3000)

23rd April 2012, 00:03
UK preferred but will consider Euro aswell.

Please state here if you have one that you wish to sell, then PM me with offers :)

25th April 2012, 15:35
In case you don't find any sellers, you can still buy the SLG3000 from its maker in Germany via the official site:


I've purchases a couple of things from him recently and have been very impressed with the speed of delivery and quality of the products. His perspex enclosures for all the devices are very nice too.

5th May 2012, 14:22
Thanks harrison, i think their prices are too costly for what the technology actually is.

In any case can a passing mod please close this down as i'm not going down the slg 3000 route now.