View Full Version : Closed broken plus 2a/3

27th April 2012, 16:19
I am after a plus 2a/3 for parts so not needed to be working and realy only looking for main board as after the 2 ram chips off of the board

27th April 2012, 18:04
Hiyas Caver99,

I maybe able to help with just the memory chips, I will check in a bit if I have 4 spare.

20th May 2012, 14:53
What kind are the RAM chips? It is possible that I have some compatible socketed ones.

20th May 2012, 15:09

one sec I shall have a look - (nips into office) - Aha! you need M5M4464P (32k * 8)

or any 4464 32k* 8 - 18pin DIP IC