View Full Version : Closed MiniMig Case by Loriani Pagni

27th April 2012, 19:04
I'm looking for a case designed by Loriani Pagni for the MiniMig v1.1 board. Preferably white but any color would do. Oh, I've heard about a rare model with structure and color similar to the Amiga 500. That would be cool!

I can pay EUR65 for an unused, or 40-50 for a used one depending on condition. A little more for the Amiga 500 colored one. Plus PayPal fee and shipping to Sweden. Preferably from EU, but not required.

This is my first ad here. Hope I did not misunderstand any rule! :ninja:


4th May 2012, 23:48
It seems hard to find this case. Any other suggestion would be appreciated.

5th May 2012, 12:58
contact "the daddy" http://www.loriano.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/

5th May 2012, 20:25
I have already sent him a question more than a week ago, but as he has not yet replied, I guess he is out of stock. :unsure:

All suggestions welcome!

6th May 2012, 10:10
i have contacted Loriano and replied to me "contact Laurent aka Faranheit" on http://www.minimig.net/index.php

8th May 2012, 18:23
Thank you! He did not have any new ones left, but a used one to offer. As soon as it has arrived, we can close this thread.

27th April 2014, 10:02
Travering my old threads. This one can be closed. Bought one from Faranheit two years ago. :) Thanks!