View Full Version : Closed Elbox Mirage Pro Tower for A4000 + Mediator 4000D! (or trade for GREX 4000)

27th April 2012, 21:05

In my quest for an extra CSPPC I have ended up with an extra Elbox Mirage Pro Tower that I don't need!

It is in superb condition with Mediator 4000D, PSU and all required fixtures and fittings. I will check my stock and see if I can also include some free PCI cards to get you started! Everything you need to Tower your A4000 with PCI slots:thumbsup:

No MMCD is included but I can burn the drivers to a CD for you or help with setting up a working install. Technical support offered free of charge :cool:

Everything is fully tested & working. It's missing one 5.5in and two 3.5in bay blanking plates so you will need to fill them with a floppy drive and maybe USB/ZIP drives?

I'm looking for 450+ P&P (I will consider near offers on this item)

This is a heavy beast & overseas postage reflects that, UK is going to be circa 20 due to insurance costs and EU will be circa 40-50 US/AU, etc will be LOL prices, you have been warned!

Pics to follow!

You can see the case in my old project thread here:




***No A4000 Motherboard or any CPU/Zorro Cards included!***

28th April 2012, 15:15
Near offers invited on this item. I will also trade for G-Rex 4000 and I'll pay all shipping costs!

2nd May 2012, 22:54
Closing thread as will be sold as part of a bundle