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28th April 2012, 12:30
Hi all, i have a couple of items for sale today.

First up is my Viper, also known as Cobra, accelerator for the A1200. 030, MMU and FPU running at 28mhz. 32Mb ram included. Card is in good working condition and as been in use for the last few days playing some whdload titles.
More details on this card can be found at Amiga Resource (http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/search.pl?product=cobra&company=&amiga=&intf=&mid=&base=dec&pid) Asking 110 inc p&p in Europe - SOLD TO ELECTROBLASTER

Brand New Sealed 3.1 Roms for A1200 - Sealed in their bag.
Chips have MX stamped on them and have the part numbers 391774-01 and 391773-01. Asking 15 inc p&p in Europe. SOLD TO TAKISME

Amigakit 4Gb CF and adapter (no 2.5" cable though as its in use in my Amiga).
In good working order and was in use for the last few days playing whdload titles. Will come blank as i don't have spare workbench disks.
Asking 10 inc p&p in Europe SOLD TO TAKISME

Payment via PayPal gift or you pay fees please.




28th April 2012, 12:36
Declaring Interest for the roms and the cf adapter. Pm send

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28th April 2012, 12:36
Declaring Interest, PM on it's way

28th April 2012, 12:42
Takisme is interested in the CF card and Roms and is awaiting a postage quote to Greece which i will get on Monday for him.

Gforce, has declared interest in the CF Card so is second in line.

28th April 2012, 12:42
Declaring interest for Viper accelerator, sending PM now.

Edit : Viper interest withdrawn as not the exact model I was looking for, good luck!

28th April 2012, 13:31
Declaring interest for 3.1 Roms for A1200. Next in line please.

28th April 2012, 13:42
Interested in roms

29th April 2012, 01:17
Declaring interest in the Cobra. Sending a PM :)

29th April 2012, 08:48
Hi Mike

Was the Cobra used on a Kickstart 3.1 machine? The reason I ask is that according to the Amiga Resource site, they need a firmware upgrade to work with Kickstart 3.1 otherwise you have to remove the RAM. This info should help any potential buyers I hope :thumbsup:


29th April 2012, 10:50
Hi Taj, to be honest i can't actually remember whether i tested it with 3.1 and that's what ElectroBlaster asked last night via pm. I have a 3.1 machine which i will set up and test it in and post a pic in a few minutes.

As said, pic of the card working on a 3.1 system and showing the 32mb has been added to the first post

30th April 2012, 13:46
Payment all done :)

30th April 2012, 14:00
Payment received and card will be shipped today. I will also provide postage quotes for the other items.

30th April 2012, 16:10
Accelerator has been posted to electroblaster and tracking details pm'd.

Postage quote for the other items works out a 2.70 to europe for standard airmail, without tracking or insurance, so i'm happy to accept the stated prices including of postage to Europe. Will update the 1st post.

30th April 2012, 17:40
Payment send.

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30th April 2012, 17:59
Payment received for the CF Card and Roms.

Will be posted tomorrow.

10th May 2012, 11:57
Item recieved, feedback left, all good, thanks for the free wristband:thumbsup:

10th May 2012, 13:47
No worries mate, glad everything arrived safely.
Feedback now returned

*just to bring the thread up to speed*

I will not close the thread just yet as there is an outstanding issue with the Cobra card purchased by Electroblaster.

He has pointed out to me that the fpu socket is cracked and has asked to return the card.
I honestly didn't know of any damage and would not of sold the card had i have known.
I have accepted the return of the card and will refund in full inc cost of return p&p once i receive the card back.

Once i have the card back we can complete the thread.