View Full Version : Found A2090a SCSI/MFM Controller

29th April 2012, 17:51
Hi out there,

I am looking for an A2090a SCSI/MFM controller with autoboot in good condition. A hard disk is not necessary!

29th April 2012, 21:25
i have one but i need test, next week 7 may i verify with cd-rom scsi and hd scsi, but don't test with hd mfm because i suspect is broken

if ok for you i send you for only p&p in date 8 may

29th April 2012, 21:35
That's great mate, I don't need the MFT part. If SCSI works with a hard disk, that will be OK!

11th May 2012, 23:09
If you're still looking for an A2090a, I have one available in good working condition. Unsure if it has the autobooting ROM or not. C= part number of ROM U36 is: 390230-03 Can take a photo if that helps.

12th May 2012, 10:41
i receveid an hd scsi ibm 9,1 giga for test, i converted the adf of 2090a setup in floppy for test, i have 3 cd-rom scsi but i am not sure is good, i can test all next week

i need create a floppy for idefix for test the cd-rom

sysinfo report the presence of the hadrware

12th May 2012, 13:40
I think the maximum size of an hard disk attached to an A2090a is 256 mb. But if it is marked at present or as working under KS 3.1 I will take it!


8th June 2012, 18:38
tomorrow i test 2 a2090 with 2 giga hd scsi

8th June 2012, 19:20
Sound great, but I think, the max size of a harddisk used on a A2090 is 256 mb! :)

11th June 2012, 16:15
i tested the my 2gb scsi hd on my a1200, 3 partitions, the first is 260 mega, but on a2000 with 2090a connected via 25 pin cable, the drive is recognized but don't go

i go test the other 2090a

and add a cd-rom scsi for more test

11th June 2012, 16:23
Thank you for the tests mate!!

20th July 2012, 11:51
i have no more test for this card, but i suppose are ok

packet sent with tracking

21st July 2012, 22:49
And payment done... :)

22nd July 2012, 21:39
payment receveid

26th July 2012, 09:13
piacc64s stuff arrived today! :)

Perfect and feedback left! :thumbsup:

27th July 2012, 13:41
feedback left, close.

28th July 2012, 12:54
All left their feedback, so this could be closed!