View Full Version : For Sale Sega Game Gear (needs work)

29th April 2012, 21:35
For sale a working Sega Game Gear but the screens contrast is almost gone so its not really playable right now (so it needs work). It seems to work just fine otherwise.

Comes with a sort of etui, a car adapter and two games; Ninja Gaiden and Sonice the Hedgehog.

Asking 10 euro's + postage.

20th July 2013, 20:50
Still available!

20th July 2013, 21:09
Interested. Shipping to Denmark?

20th July 2013, 21:10
God How come I always miss all the game gears? Second in line

25th July 2013, 18:50
Sorry a bit slow these day, shipping to Denmark would be 9,00 euro's (paypal gift payed, no tracking)

25th July 2013, 23:00
interested next in line please ..thanks, pm me shipment costs to eu /slovenia please

3rd August 2013, 12:23
And suddenly I have ended up with 3 Game Gears, so I'll pass this one on to highlandcattle if it's still around :)

3rd August 2013, 12:25
I'm still here whoop whoop! Shipping to Belgium please!

3rd August 2013, 12:32
I meant if the Game Gear is still around. I know you are :lol:

My experience tells me you should PM SunDown, as he didn't respond to this thread before I nudged him via PM.

3rd August 2013, 12:35
already did!