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30th April 2012, 23:09

I have a Surf Squirrel available for the Amiga that Ed had boxed in his store. It has three disks with it, a large blue manual and the surf squirrel itself. Please take a look at the pictures below. There is some damage to the box, including one corner which is partially ripped, and the box has a crease in the lid. I can take pictures if wanted or needed of the box.

Ed is asking 50 USD plus shipping. We will ship internationally if requested. If there are any questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer them. Thank you for looking and have wonderful day!



30th April 2012, 23:32
PM coming
(Clarifying.. That was PM that I'm interested... ;-) )


30th April 2012, 23:49
PM Responded to.

30th April 2012, 23:59
PM re-responded to... ;-)

Paypal sent...


1st May 2012, 02:17
Payment received. I will box this and ship it tomorrow as requested. I will let you know after I ship it tomorrow. If you have any questions, please let me know.



1st May 2012, 21:55
Your Surf Squirrel has shipped. Please let me know when you receive it. Thank you!



3rd May 2012, 18:16
Looks like it arrived.
Wife texted to tell me I got a package from you!! :-)

And I'm at work..
I know..
<cough> <cough>
Think I'm coming down with something.... Must go home...

(Unfortunately, I'm a really bad liar... Guess I'll have to finish the day, and THEN get to it!!)


4th May 2012, 01:21
OK, got home!
Opened the box, looks great!
Opened the inner box, there it is!
Hooked it up (Yes, I have an external SCSI CD drive lying around; doesn't everyone?), loaded the software, and it works!
Well, I can see the data on a data CD..
I don't have and CDTV or CD32 discs yet to test that, and guess I need a CD player program to test Audio CDs...

I don't even know if audio will come out of the Amiga, or do I need to use the RCA jacks on the back of the CD player.. Oh well, fun fun fun.. ;-)

Thanx again.

Feedback left!!

Now my Amiga is happy and can relax...
(Relax? Yes, it knew I was considering chopping it up to fit an IDE slimline CD in there, and it's seen my work on other computers.. This is the best solution, for all involved. ;-) )

(Actually, now I REALLY need a small Amiga sticker to cover the Apple logo on the CD drive!!!!!)
Small update, not that anyone is reading.. ;-)
I found an ISO of a CD32 game to test.. Didn't work. Canon Fodder needs a real CD32 apparently. ;-)
So, I found another one to test...
Finally got Banshee running.. No music, so I'm guessing that means I need the audio out from the external CD to go to speakers.
Not a big deal. Not sure how often I'll actually be doing that. Just testing.. ;-)
Also found out that I need to disable CPU caches. I can probably add ACATune in the CD32-Startup script for that.
And (no surprise) I need PAL. Probably PAL for most (ALL) CD32 games, so that will probably require the boot-menu.

5th May 2012, 15:52
I'm glad to hear it does everything you want it to. I have left feedback pertaining to this thread. I hope you have tons of fun with the Surf Squirrel!:)