View Full Version : Sold FREE Spectrum games - pickup only (Manchester)

1st May 2012, 21:29

I need to get rid of all my Spectrum games, free to a good home - pickup only from Manchester, UK. I am not splitting this, and nor will I post it out, so please don't ask!

A photo of the games available from the link below.


PM me any questions about condition etc. Note that these haven't been tested since 1993 - they've been stored sensibly, but no promises!

1st May 2012, 21:44
Gah! There's a few of my favourites amongst that little lot, shame I'm nowhere near Manchester. :(
It'll be a nice collection for someone though.

1st May 2012, 22:25
*Puts hand up*

Me me me!!! I'll collect them!! Which district of Mancland are you in? I live near the Airport and work in Staly Vegas - are any of these near you?

1st May 2012, 22:38
I guess they're yours then! PM sent.

2nd May 2012, 09:24
PM replied to. Collection arranged. :thumbsup:

3rd May 2012, 20:09
Stuff collected - thanks. Leaving feedback now..