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4th May 2012, 00:07
I am going to quit my Amiga 1200 hobby so I offer my entire collection.

I do not sell the items individually, only all of it in one sale.
(all parts with a store name behind it are purchased in under a half year ago, so they are basically new.)

- Commodore Amiga 1200 original
- New keyboard UK (amigakit)
- 4GB internal CF card + adapter (amigakit)
- Blizzard 1230 MKIV 68030 50Mhz Turbocard + 16MB or 128MB (128mb can be used if you leave out the cap of the trapdoor).
- 3,5" external floppy drive
- Archos Overdrive PCMCIA Cd-rom player
- Competition Pro Retro Joystick (Vesalia)
- Easynet Pcmcia Network card (amigakit)
- DeLock Pcmcia CF card adapter (without cf card)(vesalia)
- 3.1 roms (vesalia)
- Easynet CD-rom (amigakit)
- Amiga 1200 blister dustcap
- Original Commodore Mouse
- Setup & Installation guide for the network card. (amigakit)

Provided with Amigakit OS Install program, all other drivers, programs and some data (like music and games) are on the DH1 and DH2 partitions.

Pictures are all clickable for higher resolution, the Amiga 1200 is in good nick.

Fixed price 400,- (p&p excl.)
Payment through paypall or direct bank transfer.
Can be shipped worldwide (costs vary, source country = Netherlands)


http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2363s.jpg (http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2363.jpg)

http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2364s.jpg (http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2364.jpg)

http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2365s.jpg (http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2365.jpg)

http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2366s.jpg (http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2366.jpg)

http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2367s.jpg (http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2367.jpg)

http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2368s.jpg (http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2368.jpg)

http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2369s.jpg (http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2369.jpg)

http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2370s.jpg (http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2370.jpg)

http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2336s.jpg (http://magical.tweakdsl.nl/Amiga2/PICT2336.jpg)

4th May 2012, 00:25
Perfect starter setup for someone getting back into the scene, everything they need to get started! The Blizzard 1230MkIV is the card I would recommend hands down every time, a great speed/ram boost, works with everything and ultra reliable :cool:

Good luck with your sale :thumbsup:

4th May 2012, 18:13
Impressive equipement!

7th May 2012, 11:58
I am interested!
Email sended.

11th May 2012, 23:26
Everything is sold.

Topic can be closed.

11th May 2012, 23:26
was it sold on here or outside Amibay?