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15th August 2009, 12:14
Hi all

Just moved into my new flat and finally got some of my old Amiga items out of the boxes, and now looking to sell.

Final Calc V1.05, fully boxed including ring bound manual and all disks. Installed this some time ago and it worked fine. 10 plus postage


ST Fax Professional V3.0. As you can see this comes in a CD Case however is infact on two floppy disks. 5 (including postage).


Siamese System V2.1. Used to use this to link my Amiga and Laptop when at Uni (which is nearly 10 years ago!!). 5 (including postage) although will also chuck in serial link cable for another 5 so 10 (including postage).


TurboPrint7. Both disks in original packaging with immaculate manual. 7 (including postage)


Feel free to ask any questions. PayPal preferred method of payment.

I did post some of these on Amibay last year, but unfortunately I then had to sell my house so they were never sold and only now have I had the opportunity to repost, once taking them out of the storage boxes in the spare bedroom!

Thanks in advance

9th November 2009, 21:41
Is that "Siamese System V2.1" still on sale? :)
I'll take it then. Do you accept PayPal and will you ship to Denmark?

10th November 2009, 03:01
I'm interested in Turboprint 7 - I can't quite see on the photo which version it is, but subject to which version it is I'll take it.

If Morten doesn't want the serial lead I'll pay for that as well, or if you can let me know the pinouts on the cable, or if it is a standard serial cable, 9-pin or 25-pin that would be much appreciated.


10th November 2009, 03:24
@DT: huh? The enormous "7" in the floppies and in the case don't suggest you nothing?

10th November 2009, 11:26
The last known version of Turbo Print is 7.60. Maybe, that's what he's asking so. Follow this link (http://www.irseesoft.de/tp_faqs.htm) to download the updates for it.

11th November 2009, 01:19
The last known version of Turbo Print is 7.60. Maybe, that's what he's asking.
You are so correct, what I need to know is the revision number of Turboprint 7. I am interested to know which version 7.xx it actually is, as I have a version or few of 7.xx but want to know it is something that I haven't got that is on offer here.