View Full Version : Found ds flash cart thingy.. m3 ds real or r4 excetera

6th May 2012, 20:57
Like it says, im looking for a nintendo ds flashcart thingy.
m3 ds real or r4 sdhc excetera.

let me know

6th May 2012, 22:33
i have just a r4 card no mirco sd card just the cart

itz urs if u want it i owe u 1 anyway for the screws :thumbsup:

6th May 2012, 23:07
that would be awesome.
pm me some details and we can see whats what :thumbsup:

15th May 2012, 15:51
arrived today.
put in an sd card and downloaded 1.8 firmware and works great.

thank you.
il add some feedback now.:thumbsup:

15th May 2012, 16:22
if something dont work on the card use a system called wood it runs everything you throw at it and i had to put it on the kids r4 card.

15th May 2012, 17:44
nice to no it landed today sorry for the delay in sending it many thanks shaun