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7th May 2012, 22:23
Patiently looking for an Amiga 1000 Phoenix Board, one of the original ones (those with the Desiderata) possibly with:

- SCSI mod
- Chip RAM mod (to support 2 MB of Chip RAM)

Goal: to turn it into a power-house Amiga 1000 like the Paladin in A1K ;-)

7th May 2012, 22:34
I have one, you can read about it in this thread: http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=21679

It's an original 1990 board not one of the 2005 ones.
That thread is quite old now but my board has the 2MB chipram mod, a 68882 20MHZ (works according to the Phoenix test util, haven't tried anything else that needs FPU) kickstart switcher with 1.3 and 2.04 Roms installed, working zorro slot.

I couldn't get the scsi working, I have all the chips but I think I need a different scsi controller chip, machine doesn't boot at all with the chip installed.

Would be looking for $600 aud to part with it as a lot of my time and money went into it! Alas I have little time to enjoy it these days.

I also have a half height half length zorro card with 4MB fast ram , the standard A1000 case still won't close with it installed however. $175 AUD for that if you want it

7th May 2012, 23:05
Hi there DonutKing!

I thought I was fast, but gotta admit you are faster than me ;-)

Seems like an interesting offer!

My only concern would be the SCSI (which is working on my other Phoenix Board, but that doesn't have the 2 MB mod), I might be able to find a solution for that.

Let me take a look to the thread you posted tonight and will get back with some questions (if any).


7th May 2012, 23:23
I should also mention, the clock doesn't seem to work, even with the new battery it never remembers the time (often setclock responds with 'battery backed up clock not found'). I suspect I need a new RTC chip, (the OKI M6242B) but I haven't tried yet as it doesn't really bother me...

and of course, shipping to USA will probably be expensive :(

9th May 2012, 06:11
Hi DonutKing,

thanks for the clarification and sorry it took me a little bit to get back to you:

I went through the thread (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=21679&page=3) you pointed to me, and am very impressed with your effort!

Now, I've some questions:

a) your Phoenix mobo has the 2MB chip mod, but it still requires Agnus 8732B or 8732AB to work with 2 MB chip, right?

But you got the U60 PAL which supports 2 MB?

b) did you get the FPU to work (I understand it passes the test, but there was some reference in the thread to gfx corruption, etc.)

>> but I think I need a different scsi controller chip

c) do we have more info on this?

d) did you end up soldering the bypass for U70 (when the B2000 CPU upgrade is not installed)? Or it was sufficient to reconfigure the other jumpers?

e) did you install the PAL / NTSC switch?

I apologize for the many questions. Since this would be the base for a project, I'm just trying to understand the effort needed to complete the Phoenix board (especially SCSI + 2MB chip) before I can move forward with the project.


9th May 2012, 08:57
A) yes I had to replace the 8372A agnus with an 8372B for 2MB chipram. I tried an 8375 but that didn't work at all.
I've tried the memory tests on the phoenix utility disk and the 2MB chipram is recognised without error.

I do have the U60 PAL that allows 2MB on an 8372A agnus, but that's 1MB chip and 1MB slowram (like the A500's trapdoor RAM).
Obviously the 2MB chipram is a better option

b) After doing the 2MB Chipram mod the graphics corruption issues went away. The phoenix utilities say there's an FPU there (after loading the phnx_68881 driver) and SysInfo says its there too but I've not found anything else to test it with...

c) I was using an AMD 5380 chip. That caused the machine to hang at a black screen on boot when installed. I believe the part I need is an NCR 53C80 but I haven't found one in PLCC to try.

d) I did end up soldering in 3 jumper headers there but in the end they weren't necessary (the version of the docs I was reading was apparently out of date - I've got about 3 different versions that each say different things...
Also there's no B2000 CPU upgrade slot, even though certain docs refer to it that way. It's simply a Zorro 1 slot. The other slot is a A2000 compatible video slot, which I've never tried.

e) No there's simply a jumper there that I manually change as necessary. Same for the kickstart switcher, there's no actual switch, I just shift the jumper.

Just to clarify, would you be wanting the case, power supply etc or just the motherboard?
The plastics for the case look pretty horrible (they came with broken clips here and there, then they were overbleached by retrobright, and the paint for the Amiga badges on the front is worn off).

I wouldn't be giving away a mouse or keyboard for it either as I've only got one of those.


11th May 2012, 03:58
Hi there DonutKing!

>> Just to clarify, would you be wanting the case, power supply etc or just the

The idea is to get only the mobo, since I've redundancy of other parts.

But I first need to gather more information about the SCSI to determine how tricky is gonna be to get that going (keep in mind that after I get the basic SCSI going, I'll still have to perform the SCSI mod to use the PseudoDMA driver, which is 6x faster). I was ideally looking for a board with SCSI+mod already in place, so I can move forward right away with the project I have in mind on Phoenix ;-)

If it's not too tricky, and doesn't require too much soldering, I might be able to do it myself, but need to acquire bit more info. Give me some time over the week-end and I will get back with the final questions.