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9th May 2012, 21:16
Hi all,

Im looking for 2 new scsi 50 pin cables. Quite short, around 4 inches in length. Anyone know where i can find these or have any for sale ?

9th May 2012, 22:10
Usually get my SCSI cables and stuff off E-bay. Blackmore Computers have a decent selection too, can't remember the URL offhand though, just search the name on google.

10th May 2012, 15:17
Most electronic parts stores should have the 50 pin IDC connectors and bulk 50 wire flat cable required to make said cables.
Amigakit also make custom cables if I'm not wrong.

10th May 2012, 17:50
Here is the 4 inch SCSI cable we stock:


10th May 2012, 18:45
Indeed, Im aware of AmigaKit; it was my first thought. Please see the PM I have sent you first regarding an existng order there.

Thanks all for the other replies too.

10th May 2012, 20:33
Replied by PM

15th May 2012, 10:52
Im pleased to report after communication with AmigaKit, they have sorted out the existing order issues and the order has now been received.

Thanks to Matthew at AmigaKit for that.

I will proceed to order the SCSI cables I want in due course.