View Full Version : CD drive in A3000

19th August 2009, 19:40
I was thinking of getting an A3000, but before I do, I must ask, what is the easiest CD Drive solution?

19th August 2009, 20:06
A 50-pin SCSI external unit on a self-powered case. The A3000 don't have internal space to mount an unit inside.

19th August 2009, 20:27
I see, after examining pics of the case there is no space. i guess I'll see whether a 4000 or 3000 is worth my money. Thanks again rkauer.

21st August 2009, 17:49
I have an A3000 and an external SCSI CD-ROM drive ... definitely worth it.
I prefer the A3000 over the A4000 (from a cosmetic point of view only)