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12th May 2012, 14:46
I have for sale 1GB of RAM (2 x matched 512MB) tested with my AmigaOne XE/G4. Includes removable heatshields.

Would like 15 + Shipping (PayPal gift)
Shipping 2.50 UK, 3.50 EU, 5.00 World

Thank you :thumbsup:

12th May 2012, 14:59
Got excited there, thought it was a single stick of 1gb :-(
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12th May 2012, 15:00
Sorry Steve. I've just upgraded to 2 x 1GB sticks myself, hence the sale.

13th May 2012, 12:35
I was under impression that there is a problem in A1 using two sticks of RAM and it is better to have only one stick.
Are there any troubles when using 2x512MB ?

13th May 2012, 12:45
I didn't have any trouble using two 512MB sticks. I'm using two 1GB sticks now and it works perfectly. I think it depends on your A1.

13th May 2012, 13:13
I've got A1-XE G3 with 512MB in one stick.
Do you have enable in u-boot "use memory limit" ?
Check here - it is said that with 1GB RAM memory limit should be set to 800MB

13th May 2012, 16:21
Well, I'm using the full amount. OS4.1 U4 correctly shows the memory in the titlebar and was working fine. Uboot correctly detected 1GB and I set the memory limit to 1GB also. I have the same now but with 2GB, all seems fine to me.

Your mileage of course my vary.

19th May 2012, 13:28
After consideration, declaring interest.
Will PM later

22nd May 2012, 19:33
Payment made.

22nd May 2012, 22:20
Thank you - will be sent tomorrow.

26th June 2012, 22:04
Feedback left.

26th June 2012, 22:46
hi just feedback from seller so we can close :thumbsup:

28th June 2012, 07:38
Feedback left, all good :) Closing thread...