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13th May 2012, 21:37
Selling my A3000D

The Amiga is in a very good Condition without any Yellow color.
The Keyboard shows new (i dont kno how is the age)
Motherboard is Rev 9/01 with 16Mb zip, 2Mb Chip and Kick 3.1
Daughter board rev 5 or 6 (i dont kno for the moment )
Two Floppys in 100% condition (not connected, i use the Floppyemulator)
Buster 7, Dmac 02 and in the next days a Rev 8 Scsi Chip
the Power supply is in new Condition (it was complete repaired/rebuild from botfixer in a1k.org)
Hard Drive is 1GB
No Akku leakage, damage repaired (the blue shine is "Lötstoplack", i dont know the name in english sorry)
Indivision ECS is allready installed and includet.

!!! Without Piccolo SD64 and X-Surf !!!

Private Sell !
The Amiga is not longer for Sale here !

13th May 2012, 22:34
I have the same SCSI Tower.
Do you use it with built-in SCSI on A3000?
Was there any problem when connecting internal HDD and external CD-ROM at the same time?

13th May 2012, 22:41
Absolutely no Problems.
I use the Hdd (id1) and the external devices in the same time.
The Dat Tape have (ID4) and the CD-Rom have (ID3)
ID4 is Terminated and ID1 is Terminated.

The right way is the correct SCSI Id and Termination. ;)

13th May 2012, 22:48
Thanks for quick reply.
One more question.
This tower (at least mine) has 68-pin external connector and A3000 25-pin connector.
Were you able to find such cable to connect this ?

14th May 2012, 08:17
i have find one in www.a1k.org/forum :-)

15th May 2012, 21:15
new Price is €400.- without Network Card, piccolo SD64 !

16th May 2012, 06:26
I am interested in this. Could you look into the shipping costs towards Finland first though?

16th May 2012, 07:13
shipping cost to finland is ~€35.- (DPD/GLS Service i dont use DHL/Hermes/UPS)

read the first post, please.
in my last Post i have forgot exclude the piccolo SD64 in the list, my bad sorry.

The Price is also €400.- for the A3000/25 16 with Indivision and Keyboard

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The A3000 is not longer for sale !

16th May 2012, 10:05
Closed as requested