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21st August 2009, 20:20
Looking for a vga passthrough cable for a voodoo2 (or a Voodoo 2 12MB with cable), or better any voodoo3 PCI.

Thanks for looking, Jorge Pedro.

Kin Hell
22nd August 2009, 10:51
I have an unboxed Creative Labs Voodoo 2 card here. Part # CT6670.
It has a Passthrough cable & an SLI cable attatched. No Driver disk though.

Can't find reference to this card to know if it's 8Mb or 12Mb? - 12 identical chips on each side of the card, so 12 x 0.5Mb x 2 = 12Mb?? - Just guessing.

Do ya want me to make sure shes still alive?


*edit* - Downloaded the Gold 4 Drivers & she still works. I expect it's a bug in the software, but clicking on the System Info TAB on the 3DFV2-1000 TAB, it's garbled messed up text saying nothing. The Animation is working fine though. I expect it's an XP thing....[attachment=0:3cj4ooo0]3DFxSystemInfo.PNG[/attachment:3cj4ooo0]

22nd August 2009, 15:38
@ Kin

I'm interested in the card, if you can test it the better, just PM Your total with shipping to Portugal and paypal fees.
I think 8MB version doesn't have memory chips on the back.

:thanks: , Jorge Pedro

Kin Hell
22nd August 2009, 17:46
I Installed VoodooLights screensaver & had a blue screen of death. Was able to select Glide3 so it shoulda been okay. The preview window was animated so I can only guess it's an XP thing with nVidia drivers already as the main display. It was working fine in WinSE98 PC it came from. I've attatched a couple of pics for you to consider. Also, do you want the VGA Pass through cable as well?

PM me your deets please. :thanks:


22nd August 2009, 18:33
Yes the VGA Pass through cable also please! I have a 12mb voodoo2 that doesn't play anything , except from some seconds of Quake 2 and then texture corruption and crash. The only thing I don't have is the original VGA Pass through cable, I'm using a standard vga extention, with I think is the problem...

Pm You with my info.

22nd August 2009, 19:39
@Kin: as reference for identifying the board, did you checked wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voodoo2)?

@JLP: with 2 Voodoo2 in SLI mode you'll get best performance possible of the set. Enough graphical power to run even Doom3! :shock:

22nd August 2009, 21:30
I'l be more than happy to get 1 working :thumbsup2: , sli would be a great bonus but not really a must.
Really like to play Screamer Rally and other 3dfx only tiltles, have a Pentium 233MMx 64MB and S3 Virge 4MB waiting for a working 3dfx... (missing my Diamond monster 3dfx 1 and a Powercolor voodoo2 I sould way back... :banghead: ).

Kin Hell
24th August 2009, 14:19
@ rkauer

Wiki doesn't really help, but thanks anyhow.

This is defintely a 12Mb card. The 8Mb card has 8 chips missing, so technically, this is a working 12Mb Card. :)

@ JLPedro

I'll get a quote on the shipping later today & PM you the deets. :thumbsup:
Still gotta find the VGA pass-through. It's here, ....somewhere!? :Doh:


Kin Hell
26th August 2009, 16:42
Deets sent via PM. :thumbsup:


26th August 2009, 19:55
Funds on your way! :thanks:

Kin Hell
26th August 2009, 20:01
Payment recieved. :D

The Post Office will have it tommorow. I will PM you shipping deets as soon as I have them. :thumbsup:


Kin Hell
27th August 2009, 16:42
Posted. You should have it in four working days. We have a Bank Holiday in the UK on Monday next week, so I'm hoping it clears the UK before this date. Dunno if the rest of Europe have a Holiday on Monday? - I reckon Thursday at the latest.

Let me know when you have her. :thumbsup:


31st August 2009, 14:49
Card arrived today! Tested working fine on Opengl 3dfx, still have to test Glide games with more time, but card works fine :thumbsup2: .


31st August 2009, 15:30
What about SLI? :drool:

Kin Hell
31st August 2009, 18:58
Excellent stuff. That was a fast Delivery to Portugal for First Class Royal Mail. - In one piece too! :bowdown:

Feedback left, enjoy. :D


31st August 2009, 20:00
Yes i was amazed to :wooha: ! Thanks again, and feedback left too.

Thread can now be closed.

31st August 2009, 22:11
Thread Closed as requested

TC :)