View Full Version : Closed zx 48k left keyboard ribbon slot

15th May 2012, 19:15
i am looking for a zx 48k left keyboard ribbon slot, as i broke the mine, when removing the left ribbon.


16th May 2012, 00:12
These are known as molex connectors - they are now quite expensive to purchase as they are not widely used anymore (certainly in this format).

As you know, I do have some listed on sellmyretro.com (http://www.sellmyretro.com/offer/details/Set_of_Molex_Keyboard_Membrane_Connectors_for_Sinclair_ZX_Spectrum-2344), but you have stated on WoS that you think the asking price is too high !

17th May 2012, 09:29
Hi, i don't see them anywere, so the price maybe be ok, it look like it was expensive, because it's just plastic, with connectors.
But i can understand the price, i will try to get 1 from a friend that has one broken 48k.
But thanks anyway.
(i will see the RAM you told me, i will do it this weekend)

Can someone close this topic please?