View Full Version : Wanted... OS 3.5 on floppies!

30th August 2009, 19:47
Hi there

As the title says, I'm after a Floppy disk copy of OS 3.5 :thanks:

anyone? :thumbsup:


30th August 2009, 20:03
OS3.5 and OS3.9 were only distributed on CD-ROM as far as I know. May I ask why you need floppies? If you do not have a cd-rom in your amiga, you can take out your HD, connect it to your pc via IDE or USB and mount it in winUAE. Then you just use your pc's hardware (in this case the cdrom) in an emulated amiga envoroment and install 3.5 on your HD. The put back the HD in your amiga and you are set :thumbsup:

edit: unless there was a diskette 3.5 release that I am not aware of, this topic really belongs to AmiOracle section... if someone can verify that a floppy version does not exist, the thread will be moved there :thanks:

30th August 2009, 22:55
Even the beta 3.5 was distributed on CD.

Thread moved.

31st August 2009, 12:50
I thought 3.5 was released on floppy as well.. oh well my bad. :run:

Why did I want it ?

1) I can't get my CDROM drive to work properly. I'm using IDEFIx Express, and the software install junks out halfway through. It may be that my disk is faulty I see Vesalia have an ADF of the image for idefix express in their support section... I will try that.
2) I have an OS 3.5 CD, which I have managed to copy on to CF and then on to my Miggy. I can install using this and it will Bong bag fine. However, in order to get the installer to work I have to install 3.1.... So the logic being for a floppy only machine, if I could get 3.5 on Floppy disk......
4) I Cannot for the life of me get my PC to go anywhere near My Microdrive trying to connect as an Amiga HD via USB. Winblows gives me a strange error and I get nowhere so I gave up trying. Posted on EAB and even thomas couldn't help - and that was after trying all sorts of diagnostics :( Granted I haven't tried recently but still....

oh well, no harm done