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28th May 2012, 13:14
Ok guys, looking for some A1200 parts. :)

1 - Accelerator in order of preference

- Blizzard PPC with SCSI preferred, possibly interested in BVision as well
- Blizzard 1260 with SCSI
- ACA1231
2 - Clockport stuff

- Clockport adapter
- Delfina
- Subway
3 - RTG

- Indi AGA MKI
- What else is there that works?
4 - HD Stuff

- Prefer SCSI on expansion card, and would want SCSI -> IDE for CF adapter, so interested in that
- FastATA - newest one (MKIV?) but not sure how to hook it up with the Indi AGA MKII
- Buffered IDEFIX...maybe

- Networking, preferred to use WiFi, but wired cool as well
6 - What's left?

- Decent joystick, maybe a CD32 stick
- USB/PS2 mouse adapter
- Upgraded PSU (110)
- External powered CDROM or DVDROM

That's my list for now! Maybe I'll update :) I know a lot of these things, the Indi MKII, FastATA, some various adapters, pcmcia, etc., are available at various stores...but figured I'd give the amibayers a shot first :thumbsup:

28th May 2012, 18:19
got this old cd-rom
got this old cd-rom
the pic was taken 2 years ago, and its still looks the same mint, prity rare

just to noticed where your located, this is heavy postage will be high


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28th May 2012, 18:23

Does it say on that anywhere that it can do 110 (USA) power?


28th May 2012, 19:16
did`nt think of that

no its got made in france
50-60 hz, 100- 140 vac

the two little black things on the back left, one is for switching the scsi from one to the other. and the bottom one says 4.

and it has no manual, and i have`nt been able to ocate any info on it at all.

i have another slim one too, and that has nothing for the 110 either sorry esc

28th May 2012, 20:45

Thanks for the response :) I think I will pass because of power supply issues in this case, but thanks again!

3rd June 2012, 03:04
I have a PCMCIA network card you can have for 30 + P&P. It has 10/100T RJ45 and also has a BNC port.

30th January 2013, 10:46
If you need an A1200 Subway USB I got one to sell.

30th January 2013, 15:48
its sad but I am thinking of selling
Blizzard PPC with SCSI preferred, possibly interested in BVision as well

shhh, this hurts

I got stan to upgrade my blizzy from an 040 to an 68060 60Mhz but I left the PPC at 240Mhz, I have the scsi cable and at moment its got a 50pin to 68pin adapter on the end. I`ve put some heat sinks on the BVision and got a nice new cable from amigakit for the vga connector, ahh memory have a 128Mb sim and a 64Mb sim and me needs lots of money and really big sholder to cry on when this gose :mad:

30th January 2013, 20:47
We have ACA 1232 here:

These do to have the heat problems of the ACA 1231.

We also have 300W 110VAC PSUs here:

FastATA MKIV here:

use the BVision kit we sell to raise it over the Indivision MK2

EasyNet Wireless PCMCIA Kit:

Cocolino PS/2 Mouse Adapter:

Micromys V4 Mouse Adapter: