View Full Version : Sold A6095 memory expansion for Amiga 600

28th May 2012, 21:20
Hi, I'm selling my A6095 memory expansion for Amiga 600. This item is firstly reserved for Spaffy [but feel free to declare interest] as we agreed to make a deal.

The device is 100% working, more details You can see here. (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=26894)

Price I'm asking is 65 pounds including mail delivery with insurace and tracking to UK - but without PayPal fees.

28th May 2012, 22:27
Interest declared. Though Spaffy is still 1st if he wants it :)

28th May 2012, 22:58
Declaring interest.
Second in line... well, third :P

28th May 2012, 23:08
declaring Interest in line some where:thumbsup:

29th May 2012, 16:26
very nice. I think I was supposed to be receiving one of those a few years back but got lost in the post. Oh well. :-)

29th May 2012, 19:01
Spaffy is no longer interested in this item as his car broke down and he needs money to repair it. Next person in line is welcome :)

29th May 2012, 19:35
Yay :D

PM on the way :thumbsup:

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Paid :thumbsup:

Will be nice to have some ram for my miggy :D

30th May 2012, 12:46

22nd June 2012, 17:37
Item received safely a couple of days ago, feedback left :thumbsup: