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30th May 2012, 14:49
Looking for a black brick psu, the 'ribbed' one. If it's one that can be disassembled, so much the better! I actually need just the casing.
This is the kind i'm talking about: http://i51.tinypic.com/2v3j2ph.jpg
Preferably from within Europe please.

30th May 2012, 15:46
If you have a method of removing the epoxy without destroying the case, please share it with us: I have a Brand-New white C64C PSU which was dead when found.

Howewer, he was never ever used and it's waiting for a method to remove the epoxy without altering its perfect plastics. :)


30th May 2012, 15:53
No, i actually don't have a certain method, but as far as i'm aware they come in various 'flavours'. That's why i mentioned i prefer one that can be disassembled. But willing to experiment! :thumbsup:

30th May 2012, 16:30
I'm afraid that they were all filled with epoxy resin (check this picture (http://home.icequake.net/%7Enemesis/misc/c64-psu2.jpg)).

The models which can be modified or repaired are the following ones:
Model 902503-02 (Picture (http://k4-pacific.com/10-13-2010/BAp5020067.jpg))
Classic Breadin Power Supply (Picture (http://www.auctionsplash.com/UserImages/greg_80/greg_80_634468748529172776-0.jpg)).


30th May 2012, 17:05
Thanks for the info Oge! I might have to change my Wanted title then..
Will reconsider! :thumbsup:

30th May 2012, 22:59
Ok, i decided to change what i'm looking for.. I edited the title, but i would appreciate it if a mod can move it to the Wanted Amiga hardware section!
What i'm actually looking for now is a regular Amiga beige (or black) psu brick.
Preferably empty or busted.
Thanks! :thumbsup:

30th May 2012, 23:00
Moved :thumbsup:

Dave G :cool:

30th May 2012, 23:32
A busted C128 PSU also has quite a nice case for modifications :thumbsup:

30th May 2012, 23:48
cant you just get the epoxy warm ??
i know some epoxys are temp resistant though and i guess given the use of the epoxy it would probably be one of the ones that is heat resistant.
but most epoxys to my knowlage become plyable again when heated.

31st May 2012, 12:56
I have tried with good result gel to remove paint, but you must wait some hours.

4th June 2012, 15:37
I will close this, as i found one outside AmiBay.. Thanks! :thumbsup: