View Full Version : Closed Received: 2 banks of 1Gb DDR 333/400MHz

6th September 2009, 16:41
Just for the sake of transparency (and to not hijack other people's thread) I'm searching for a matching pair of 1Gb DDR "1" memory banks. :wink:

Throw your offers at this thread, please.

6th September 2009, 20:28

2 x 1Gb Crucial DDR 333 offered for the princely sum of 16 + shipping....

Would you want them sent by the same route as per last time I sent memory sticks to you?

/Merlin gets a feeling of deja vu.... :mrgreen:

7th September 2009, 01:29
Same deja vu feeling, but this time with proper feedback! :D

Hope you don't mind: payment only on 14th this month. Same shipping way & address, good sir.

Already have your paypal address, just lacking the password... :shhh: I'll don't spread it, promise! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

7th September 2009, 08:10
Payment terms are OK with me, as long as you send me your passport in the meantime.... :laugh:

I'll get them in the post this week to you.


28th October 2009, 05:04
Memory banks came in top condition, feedback added and thread closed! :thumbsup: