View Full Version : Is there a place to get new IDE HDDs bigger than 500GB?

11th September 2009, 13:49
I have difficutlies to find an IDE drive larger than 500GB... where they even produced? I have no idea since I use SATA for so long and never actually payed attention to large IDE drives...
I want to replace my 500GB HDD in my xbox with a bigger one and I prefer not to use a SATA drive with an IDE adaptor...
thanks for any tips :thumbsup:

edit: I found up to 750GB HDDs, like the seagate ST3750640A , for 200$ :ROTFLOL2: on eBay surelly the sellers look for victims or something :laugh:

11th September 2009, 13:55
Total Micro Technologies made a 1tb ide drive but good luck finding one, seagate do a 750gb one i think on newegg. good luck dude


21st September 2009, 22:52
IDE has pretty-much been abandoned by the hard disk manufacturers, in favour of SATA. 500GB disks are the largest sensibly-priced units you're likely to find, as I think that's the largest mass-produced. Larger IDE drives are more of a niche-market, and have price tags to go with it.

I hit the same problem when trying to buy a larger disk for an external IDE caddy I have; it wasn't economical to get anything bigger than 500GB.

22nd September 2009, 12:44
You could instead try using an IDE to SATA adaptor, and therefore allow the use of SATA drives on an IDE controller.

They cost around 15-20 so are not too expensive to try.

22nd September 2009, 13:04

yes, there is at least one model of said adaptors that works fine with the XBOX (remember I need it for ps2/xbox usage that are "picky") but I would feel more comfortable with a native IDE drive :whistle: hence my request