View Full Version : Closed Good condition NES with a controller and all leads

8th June 2012, 20:27
Hi guys I am looking for a good condition nes with limited yellowing. Fully working and no problems with it. Not be a pain but with all the leads and at least one controller. Please. The price range I am willing to pay for all the above is around 45 no more than 45.thanks for looking. Any advice from where to get one would also be a lot of help. Thanks
:D forgot to say PAL please!

EDIT : 55 max budget now for all the above

8th June 2012, 21:52
I'm busy paying for a Top Loader to be sent from America, once it gets here and is working I will be letting my nes go which has no yellowing and I replaced the 72 pin connector on it too. If you aren't sorted by then we can sort something out.

8th June 2012, 22:51
Thanks for letting me know I will come back to in a couple of weeks if nothing turns up:)

24th June 2012, 21:24
Mods please close this now:)

24th June 2012, 21:53
hi did you find 1

24th June 2012, 22:25
Yes thanks but off site

24th June 2012, 22:26
thanks for the update