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9th June 2012, 19:00
I really need to free some space, so I can't keep this one any longer.

It's an empty A2000 case, no PSU or motherboard, but it has the drive cradle.

I will consider shipping anywhere, but since the shipping will be costly for this item, I think that it won't be feasible outside Canada. For most Canadian destinations, the shipping cost comes to around $30 with Canada Post. US is around $50.
Local pickup in Montreal is also available.

The condition is ok, although there are some scratches on top (see picture).

FREE, just pay the shipping and paypal fees.

24th June 2012, 15:44
Ultimate price drop. ;)

27th June 2012, 02:56
Declaring interest

11th December 2012, 15:15
This is still available.

11th December 2012, 15:22
Hi, I all but forgot about this. You are near Toronto right?

11th December 2012, 16:49
Montreal. I can get it moved and stored in Toronto but somebody will have to go and pick it up.

11th December 2012, 17:08
That would be great, I have an office I work from periodically there that would be an option too. Just let me know your preference.


11th December 2012, 17:13
I will have it delivered to Toronto by next week and will inform you via PM when it's there and where to get it.

I ask that someone comes to pick it up, cause we are pretty busy right now and besides it's *FREE* :thumbsup:


26th December 2012, 17:23
MoreBITS: check your PM please.

21st January 2013, 15:09

The case has been shipped to the address provided, this can be closed. Thank you.

21st January 2013, 15:19
Maybe this belongs in the recycle bin as you're only charging for shipping. Would you like me to move it for you so that it gets the right type of attention? :-)

21st January 2013, 15:22

This is gone, so you can just close it. Thanks. :)

21st January 2013, 15:25
Done :)

EDIT: Ah, it's just the matter of feedback between MoreBITS and yourself, then we will move this thread out of the way ;)