View Full Version : Sold A2088 bridgeboard + manual + 8-bit ISA network card

9th June 2012, 20:42
A2088 bridgeboard containing the "fantastic" intel 8088 CPU that despite all odds managed to beat the 68k in the long run. :picard

Anyway, jokes aside, this is a working bridgeboard with the instruction manual and an 8-bit ISA ethernet card (NE-1000, I believe).

Whether the ISA ethernet card works or not, I am unable to verify since it only has BNC and AUI connectors and all of my network is on RJ45. In theory, this card should be usable from the Amiga side through the aminet driver, but I am also unable to ascertain that since I can't connect it to anything (sold as-is).

I don't have its original disks, but I believe these can be downloaded on-line.

$20 CDN + shipping.

10th June 2012, 17:35
Price drop!

10th June 2012, 17:55
Potentially interested. Pending some questions.

11th June 2012, 15:15
Also interested. Sending PM in case deal falls through.

11th June 2012, 15:19
3rd(?) in line

11th June 2012, 15:21
Quick info: I had no reply from arti040 to my pm. Please let me know if you're still interested!

11th June 2012, 21:49
HI, arti040 has contacted me via PM to say he's withdrwaing interest. So the next in line is SEgamer.

12th June 2012, 00:23
Payment received, sold and shipped to SEGamer. Thanks!

12th June 2012, 01:05
The 8088 didn't beat anything but the Z80 and such; it had a crappy memory map (remember all that paging Lim 4.0 junk). The 80386 began to pull away from the Motorola 680X0 and finally did it with the Pentium; that's when the PowerPC was developed because of the changeable Endian nature. Then AMD got into a RISC core to handle CISC instructions and it has been muddy ever since with cost vs performance vs heat vs power consumption vs cores ....