View Full Version : Closed MegaPC spare part

11th June 2012, 02:04
Hi All, does anyone have a faulty Amstrad Mega PC? if so would you be willing to sell the Small card from the front of the unit. The one that houses the two joystick ports and the Cart Slot?

I have tried to have the one from my machine repaired but it still doesn't work.

The machine works fine until you plug a joystick/pad into it and then it just automatically starts the games and constantly pauses and un-pauses preventing game play.

Whoever had the unit before I rescued it obviously tried to fix it and made a real hash of it, so I sent it away for a repair but its still doing the same thing.

I don't really want to pay alot for the part as I am not 100% sure its the port card thats at fault. It could be the main megadrive card but going on the fact that it only happens when a joypad is installed it makes me think its the port card.

If someone lives nearby maybe we could get together and try cards in the machine to test it...I don't know...I am rapidly wishing I hadn't started the project.

I am still looking for one of these, I have spent the best part of three or four solid days on the phone to various companies to try and obtain one of these cards. If anyone can help please, please,please (ok I am begging) contact me. Also please don't PM me to ask me to sell the machine to you. If I can't find the part I may well go down that route but until then the machine is NOT for sale.

kindest regards Bugg