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12th June 2012, 20:14
I've had this for quite some time, i think it was 2000 or 2001 when i thought i would enter the world of pre-Mac Apple platforms, but never did (luckilly?) :unsure:
So, i never got me an Apple II to plug it in, and thus selling it as-is.
Just now opened the case to do some cleaning, and took quite a few pictures. Has minor scratches here and there, and 'traditional' yellowing.
Anyone interested should do some reading on compatibility issues, like here:












Comes with the cable, no external power needed. Asking for 30 Euros plus shipping. PayPal gift, or take any extra fees.
I must warn potential buyers, that this is heavy. Approximately 3.9 kgrs.
And that's without the packaging i'll put it in..
Preferably would sell to EU countries, for postage would be a lot. But if you're willing to pay, it's your call.
Thanks for looking!

15th June 2012, 15:05
Hi mate
i am interesting for this DUO DISK ...but
1. can I attach tish to my APPLE II+ ? and how ?
2. how much will cost me shipping to Bulgaria ?
3. ,,,and if don't work ..what i can do with that ;) ?
tnz in advance

15th June 2012, 16:50
I'll butt in here, as I have one of these (love it!!) on my //e.

1. can I attach tish to my APPLE II+ ? and how ?

Yep, you will need one of the "newer" (relative term, as they are all.. what, 25 years old) disk II cards... This quote from an Apple site describes it a bit:
You need a new-style Disk II controller card with the 19-pin D-shell cable. The ones I have are labeled "Apple 5.25 Drive Controller 655-0101."
( http://68kmla.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=15683 )

I think the DuoDisk is an incredible piece of hardware.. Always loved the look of them, and was pretty happy when I got mine.. ;-)

Good Luck


15th June 2012, 21:19
@drjones: What desiv said! (thanks dude)
You need a controller card, or else you won't have anywhere to plug the drive. As about shipping to Bulgaria, i'll be able to find out on Tuesday and let you know.
Now, you have already noticed i mentioned this is 'as is', which does mean i don't know if it works or not. Imagination is your only barrier! I don't know what you could do with it. If i were so fond of the design, i could probably mod it to house something else, but that's me.. :)

9th July 2012, 14:39
Ok, sorry for the delay on this, but only now did i find the chance to take it to the post office for weighting...
This thing is heavy! So, to answer questions, shipping to Bulgaria is 39 Euros.

23rd October 2012, 15:27
Unit reserved for Mike (mjnurney) so consider this thread as actually 'inert' for the time being, as we're in a different arrangement on this (see his wanted thread) :)

1st November 2012, 21:18
Just to let any buyers know, there is a mod that should be done to all DuoDisk drives to prevent them from damaging disks, and also another mod you must do if you plan to use it with an Apple IIGS. Also, be advised that some people report that a DuoDisk drive will not work if connected to the SmartPort of a ROM3 Apple IIGS. Some people have no problems using a DuoDisk with a ROM3 after doing the two modifications, but others report they need to connect the DuoDisk to disk controller card (such as a DuoDisk card, Apple 5.25 card, Universal Disk Controller card, Apple II Universal card, or a Disk][ card with an adapter cable) installed in slot 6 of the ROM3 in order for it to work. Below is a quote from the csa2 FAQ describing the two modifications:

From: Steve Jensen and Jonathan Adams

006- What DuoDisk mods are necessary?

The following is excerpted from an info file from my old bbs ...

There are TWO modifications that should be made to Duodisk drives:

The First one was recommended by Apple several ago to solve occasional problems with trashing diskettes. The solution is to remove 2 capacitors.

The Second modification is only required to solve a problem with daisy-chaining on the GS Smartport, though the modified Duodisk will still work fine on older Apple II's. It requires removing a resistor.


This mod should be done on ALL Duodisks, no matter whether they're used on //e's, IIGS's, etc. The problem was that diskettes would sometimes be damaged when doing an Open-Apple-CTL-Reset or when using disks with certain kinds of copy protection. The mod was in an Apple dealer service bulletin several years ago for "analog board PN 676-[]101 or 676-[]102."

The Analog board is the one inside Drive 1 in the Duodisk. You may have to unplug the cable near the back right of the board to see the board's model number. Anyway, if you have the -101 or -102 board, just snip out Capacitors C29 and C30 at board locations A1 and B1, respectively.


This mod should be done for Duodisks used with a GS; otherwise, it is optional. The problem is that the Duodisk draws just a little too much current when connected to the GS Smartport. This can render other drives on the chain inoperable. Problems are MOST likely to occur when the Duodisk is daisy-chained from a UniDisk 3.5 Drive. (ROM 3 GS users should check Q&A 007.)

Remove the top cover and turn the drive so that the identifying number will be at the bottom left of the analog board. The number might read676-[]101, 676-[]102 or 676-[]107.

If the I.D.# for the analog board is676-[]101 or 676-[]102,use a pair of nippers and cut out resistor R8 (located at position A2).

If the I.D.# for the analog board is676-[]107,use a pair of nippers and cut out resistor R39 (located at position C3).

2nd November 2012, 09:41
Thanks for the info but they will be going on a 2e not a gs - well not yet anyway

4th November 2012, 01:12
Even if you are using it on a 2e you should do the first mod, the one involving removal of capacitors, because otherwise the DuoDisk may randomly destroy floppies on reboot or when using copy-protected software. Only the second mod is GS specific.

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23rd October 2013, 05:24
Had this on reserve for quite some time, so it looks like a no-go there..
Anyway, droping price to 25 Euros. Remember, i really don't know if it works!

29th October 2013, 20:52
interested, PM sent

30th October 2013, 22:15
PM replied.

8th December 2013, 19:36
Payment received from bakoulis, and item delivered. Leaving feedback in a moment. :thumbsup: