View Full Version : Closed 2.5 ide hard drive please.

15th June 2012, 23:18
hard drive needed 2.5 ide

not the fat type (ibm ,some toshiba) - fat type is about 11mm high

i need a slimmer type 9.4mm to fit in a laptop

40 / 60 / 80 gb would be lovely

thank you.

15th June 2012, 23:49
If i can get used to having my laptop like this:


You can buy my 40 Gb harddrive but it will probably cost a little to ship from sweden.

16th June 2012, 00:35
thanks , whats happening there?

besides I'm sure someone in uk has one :-)

16th June 2012, 00:53
thanks , whats happening there?

besides I'm sure someone in uk has one :smile:.

It's an IBM drive that i use in my Amiga 1200 but i need to use my laptop to transfer files to Amiga HD eventually i found a way to connect it but it needs an angle to connect fully to pins.

Oh i guess it will be no problem to find one on here from the U.K hope you find what you need.

16th June 2012, 01:24
what size is that 80gb in my amiga 1200 you repaired ??

i dont think i will ever need that size HDD my 8gb CF seems big enough.

16th June 2012, 09:00
That 80 is perfect , 9mm high Samsung spin point.

16th June 2012, 09:54
ill back it up (i've goto get a new USB reader ehm!) then ill post it to you.

btw im looking for a clean external floppy for an amiga 500.

PM me your address and as soon as ive backed it up ill post it.