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17th September 2009, 16:25
hi all,
I'm in the market for an N64, don't care about boxes/mint condition, just want a working console with a couple of games at a reasonable price.
anyone got anything to offer?

cheers, JuvUK

19th September 2009, 17:00
I've got one, it has the 8mb ram expansion (needed for later games) I'll include DK 64 and maybe zelda 64? Its yours my friend, but I don't have a controller 4 it. I think $30 for the console, Dk64 and zelda will suffice, plus s&h

19th September 2009, 17:03
Hiya Dreamcast270mhz,
do you know if it'll be compatiable here in the UK? PAL/NTSC? also i guess i'd have to use a power convertor? any idea on shipping costs to the UK?

cheers, JuvUK

19th September 2009, 17:10
Hmm, Id have to say no, as the NTSC/PAL n64's use 60/50hz respectively. also a power converter would be needed, I'd say try this guy: consolegoods.co.uk instead

19th September 2009, 17:19
well thanks anyway bud,
unfortunaley he only has Jap/USA consoles. Thanks for replying though! :thumbsup:

19th September 2009, 18:17
that passport system looks like a good buy, tho, anyways, I've the motherload of good n64 games so just drop me a pm if you need any

19th September 2009, 19:09
N64 power supplies seem to be single-voltage, so you'd need a power adaptor.

If your TV is relatively new (all HD TVs and many, but nowhere near all, SD LCDs), and it comes with something other than an RF cable, it should work fine.

20th September 2009, 22:10
hiya all,
please can you close this as i have found an n64

cheers, JuvUK

20th September 2009, 22:30
Nice one Juzzer

Don't forget the review & piccies in the PhotoBooth :wink:


TC :thumbsup: