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22nd June 2012, 15:57
Hi all,

After a few months of having various issues with me A4000 and confirming it isn't the motherboard, daughterboard or any mediator PCI cards, it has come down to the last remaining potential issue being that I have a faulty logic board.

Does anybody know if there's a way to test it?
Is there a way to replace a chip or the logic board?
Do Elbox actually communicate with mediator owners on issues like this?

If all the above fails, who sells mediators these days that actually has stock?


22nd June 2012, 16:33

Amigakit were expecting stock of Mediator Boards, maybe they came in already?

If you want to send me the Logic Board you can send it to me for testing in my Mediator D (I have tested a Di Logic Board in my D and it worked before so I'm confident I can check it for you.)

All the best,


22nd June 2012, 16:57
Amigakit were expecting stock of Mediator Boards, maybe they came in already?

I've been holding vigil at Amigakit the last few weeks and still no boards.

22nd June 2012, 22:42
Elbox actively sells products, they just don't seem to support them. Maybe you get a replacement board or have it checked by them

23rd June 2012, 00:43
Thanks guys. Really appreciate your input on this.
Steve, I may send you mine to test. Will PM you.

I've sent Elbox another email to two of their addresses so let's hope they reply (wishful thinking :roll:)

23rd June 2012, 04:16
I will not comment on Elbox support. But they surely will charge you some money for the last version MACH chips. Simply a matter of sacking the old ones and pop in the newers.

23rd June 2012, 21:39
I emailed elbox with an issue I had with my A1200 Mediator and they were kind enough to get back to me and suggest possible reasons why my board was seeing multiple PCI cards installed (25+) (possible broken resistor pack). They also mentioned I could return the card to them for testing, but I'm a little nervous about the international postal systems these days.

24th June 2012, 08:39
they do seem to sell "spare parts" as I bought a Di daughter board, I have a 4000 board for towers, but a Desktop A4000 only.

it should be possible to get a new at elbox site

25th June 2012, 12:39
Hi all. Well I've received email correspondence from Elbox! :lol:

Anyway, this is the response:
"If you have a Voltimeter check your power supply. Check the +5V voltage
on the Core Logic board (e.g. on the oscillator). It should be in the
range 4.9V - 5.1V."

Now, since I'm not anywhere near a master electronics guru, could anyone who is care to explain where I place the multimeter points so I don't destroy anything? I picture would be lovely :thumbsup:

If this is all deemed to be sufficient, it means I need a new logic board. My next question is then: Since the cost difference between the logic board and a full 4000Di package is about 50, would it not be better just to buy a complete new package?

26th June 2012, 14:57
So, as an update, I tried another spare full-size ATX PSU I had lying around from a recent PC disassembly and found that the machine no longer locks up. I guess the smaller ATX PSU I bought specifically for the A4000 wasn't up to scratch.
Still having problems with networking, be it PCI NICs or USB NICs, but at least everything else works fine.

I sent off my MedReport.txt file to Elbox and they confirmed that everything seemed to be fine and that the problem could be either with my Zoram 128mb card (which I removed and put back my old motehrboard simms), overheating voodoo card (I attached a heatsink fan and case is open all the time, and I have two cards to test with) and finally, that the +5 volt rail on my motherboard is too low. Now, since Hikey refurbished the board, tested it, and both before and after refurbishment it had no issues until I put the mediator in, I think the only thing left would be faulty MACH chips.
Everything else seems to be tested and confirmed not to be the problem.

Now my question is: Is it worth spending that large sum of money just for the logic board, or should I just get a complete new mediator package for 50 more :)

26th June 2012, 15:10
It sounds like you could go and buy another Mediator and end up with the same problem. I would test the kit you have in another A4000 before spending any money.

I'm happy to test it on one of my A4000D if you send it to me.

Certainly for 50 more you might as well buy the whole thing again and have a spare busboard!

But again, we need to be sure it's really faulty before.

As said, other then the cost to you of sending the board it's no trouble for me to test, I have HDD/CF's here already setup with Mediator/Voodoo configuration ready to boot I can test with. :thumbsup:

I also have spare Voodoo Cards too :cool: (but sorry none for sale!)

26th June 2012, 15:21
Hi Steve,

Thanks for that. I think you have a good point. I have an itch to buy new hardware as I bought this kit second-hand and suspect it was sold to me faulty, be it unknowingly or not. So my thinking is if I get something brand spanking new, it should work :mad:

Anyway, I'll PM you with my details. Send me your address and I'll post it out to you probably on saturday. Do you want the busboard and logic board? Anything else you need to test with?

26th June 2012, 21:32
Hi Steve,

Thanks for that. I think you have a good point. I have an itch to buy new hardware as I bought this kit second-hand and suspect it was sold to me faulty, be it unknowingly or not. So my thinking is if I get something brand spanking new, it should work :mad:

Anyway, I'll PM you with my details. Send me your address and I'll post it out to you probably on saturday. Do you want the busboard and logic board? Anything else you need to test with?

This Mediator was bought from me and when it was sold (in Feb ?)it was perfectly working to the best of my knowledge. I bought it from Amibay and I have tested it with Voodoo3, Voodoo5, SpiderII and Soundblaster128 and for time I used it had no problem with my setup (used with overclocked 060/72MHz). I did admit that never had tested it with NIC (as all the rest of my Mediators) as never had the urge of having network in Amiga. But heaving it tested with all these PCI cards it is hard to believe it was faulty. I was aware of your problems with setting up the NIC but in the last email, end of May, you said you are finally happy with the setup leaving my heart at peace.
At the time I was not sure what version it is MKI and MKII and you were aware of this. Maybe in this case it is MKI and there is DMA issue and could me resolved by upgrading to MKII ? I have no idea what is the difference between two and could not find it anywhere on the net.

26th June 2012, 21:58
Two caveats I'd like to make:

I just recently bought a "new" Mediator kit for my A4000T directly from Elbox, and the logic board looked used with multiple scratches on all the contacts; it works fine, so I'm sure it was tested before being posted.

The NIC issue can be problematic under OS 3.9 and took 2 months to resolve even using EasyNet from Amigakit (neither Elbox nor Amigakit cared to respond to my emails). Things were easier to set up in OS 4.1, but required me reading the FAQ and compatibility info.

I would work with your current hardware taking Steve's help and give a bit of effort in resolving the NIC problem

26th June 2012, 22:10
Hi guys. Thanks for the updates.

I am visiting Fitzsteve's on the weekend and we'll hopefully get it resolved.

@bebek: I am not placing blame on anybody. Everything you are saying is accurate. All I've been saying almost the entire time was that I've had continuous network problems. Everything else has indeed been resolved.

I'm hoping with fitzsteve's help and hardware, we can pinpoint the issue.
I'm hoping it's just me doing something stupid.
For all I know it's my A4000 motherboard. I just don't expect it to be anything but the mediator logic board, simply because everything else has been extensively tested with extra hardware in every case, bar visiting fitzsteve :)

26th June 2012, 23:58
Just one question: did you reserve some memory of the video card to act as a buffer for the other cards you are (or intend to) use?

At very least you must reserve one megabyte from the detected video memory for buffer in the Mediator environment. Check the card's tooltype and repost back.

Also re-check if you are using the correct driver for your NIC. Realtek 8029 must use 8029 driver; Realtek 8139 must use 8139 driver.

27th June 2012, 02:21
Root out your Mediator problems first; Steve should be an excellent resource. If he doesn't sort out your network issue, then come back to the forum; one of us can walk you through the NIC problem. I've gotten the RTL8139 to work, then the RTL8029, but finally settled on an ASIXETH.class USB dongle for speed reasons. OS 3.9 is trickier than OS 4.1. Once working I've been very pleased. USB and networking support makes a great advance on vintage hardware.

27th June 2012, 10:34
Hi guys,

Thanks once again for the advice, but believe me, I know of all the settings and drivers to use. I have tried them all. Once I've taken my machine to Steve's, he will see what I mean. I know I've done everything I could lay my hands on, information-wise and configuration-wise. This is why my options are now exhausted and why I want him to give me a hand.
I've taken my machine to another mate on here previously, but since he didn't have a mediator, he was unable to help me more than I already know.

---------- Post added at 10:34 ---------- Previous post was at 09:39 ----------

Unfortunately Steve's unable to help me due to previous engagements.

Like I said before, everything works, graphics, sound, usb. Only thing that doesn't work is network. Previously the system would lock up after about 5-10mins. Seems the cause to this was a crappy PSU. Since I've now put in a decent ATX PSU this no longer happens and everything works as expected, bar networking.
I can on occassion get the NICs to work, albeit terribly slowly. The way to do it is to constantly ping a local IP of another PC on my home network.

Once miami or easynet start pinging (and I get extremely weird ping returns, like 8356.0ms etc) then I can use aweb and browse to an external IP of say, yahoo.com. Regular URLs don't work. One would assume DNS or the LAN cable or even the network port. I have tried everything from 4 NIC devices (2 PCI, 2 USB), to Easynet, Miami/DX, Static assignments to DHCP (never works). I've reduced/emptied the cache in Aweb too. FTP (local ftp server as well) doesn't work. Sometimes I see a login request on the server but then AmiFTP crashes out or says connection refused.

I have verified settings and compared it to my A1200 which uses a PCMCIA network card and works flawlessly with the most basic settings even, including DCHP, etc and gets a good 260kb/s transfer speed. If and when the A4000 network bits work, I get about 2kb/s.

I have set the voodoomem from 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and even 16 just to see if there's any difference. I have physically moved the cards around into all slots to look for improvements. Once again, nothing.

The only thing I can think of left to do is to try a complete fresh install/ClassicWB install, forget fiddling with audio/graphics and concentrate on the NICs and see if that helps.
Btw, regarding NIC drivers, I've tried all that respond when you do a SANA-II query on them using MiamiDX. I will try again though to see if I've missed something. I've even tried a cross-over cable, connecting the A4000 NIC directly to my laptop and doing pings to each other. The same issues occur where I get many missing ping responses or massive ping times as above.

28th June 2012, 00:20
What finally got me online with EasyNet was a change in the ENV settings for the Mediator, I believe it was changing the MMU setting. To get MiamiDX working I made a few changes in the DHCP setting in 2 different locations. Prior to that all I could do was ping my router. No big deal, but it seemed "dead" for over 2 months

28th June 2012, 13:02
Thanks bdb. I have tried those settings before, but I'll try again tonight.

28th June 2012, 21:00
So, a positive-ish update so far.

I found that setting MMU to No made the the USB stop working on the subway card.
I then proceeded to set VoodooInt to No, as it was Yes, and now the USB NIC dongle works. Still only about 3-4kb/s at best, but hey, it works (mostly). I think part of the problems in the past may have stemmed from a dodgy PSU and since that has been resolved, this now seems to be working fine. I've even discovered that my "faulty" simms on the motherboard are not faulty either. That too stemmed from the dodgy PSU. You live and learn.

So to sum it up:
VoodooMem: 12
VoodooInt: No
MMU: Yes

MiamiDX: DCHP set on all bar gateway and in TCP/IP Settings: DNS set to verify & add.

Update: Well it seems it has stopped working again. It's almost as if it's a battery running flat. Rather amusing. Oh well. This weekend I'm taking the entire machine to my mates house and we'll test the mediator in his A4000 and see if the same issue occurs there. He also has an xsurf so perhaps we can test that on my machine and compare notes. If this and a clean install fails, I guess it's back to purchasing a new mediator, which isn't really as bad a thing as I thought as I'm doing a tower conversion soon and would probably need to get the Mediator 4000D edition.

29th June 2012, 12:30
I've been reminded by Elbox that I can use mediatorNET.device PCI cards that don't require voodoo/radeon cards, so have managed to bag a Genuis GE2500+ off the other bay as it's on the list http://elbox.com/mediator_driver_guide.html#ETHERNET so I'm hoping that test could help too, as thus far sound, graphics and usb still appear to work fine but networking not. So let's hold thumbs! :thumbsup:

29th June 2012, 18:30
I'll bet it is not the Mediator; the same thing happened to me with the Rtl8139 and the RTL 8029 cards. It took 2 months to sort out with the Radeon card, Spider (clone), and SB128 all working fine -- same kinda situation as you. It is some funky thing with the software setup. I finally got every NIC to work (a USB, ASIXEth.class dongle hanging off the Spider port was the first and easiest to work), the others came later.

30th June 2012, 10:09
Well hello guys. Fantastic news. I am typing this from my A4000. My Genius GE2500III 10mbit card arrived this morning. Plugged it in, set it up with miamiDX using the mediatorNET.device and it works! I get about 60-70kb/s downloads speed. It#s absolutely perfect. The good thing with the 10mbit cards is that they don't need the DMA buffer as the fastethernet cards do.
@bdb I still can#t get any other of my cards to work but frankly I no longer care. This new one works better than all the others combined and finally my a4000 and mediator set up is now completely working!
MSIE/6.0; (Spoofed by Amiga-AWeb/3.5.08 beta)

30th June 2012, 10:14
That's awesome news :thumbsup:

30th June 2012, 21:18
Awesome news!

Just a comment: My ISP only gives me ~10 to 12 Mbits down, so for me the RTL8029 card at 10 Mbits is fine. I picked up a new USB NIC dongle for really not much and use it when I don't mind 12 MBytes of RAM sucked up by the USB stack in OS4. Otherwise I stick with the RTL card. Unless I want to spend ALOT more each month for MBits I only use a few hours a day, I can easily live with 10. Fortunately I remember all to well the speed of my first 300 baud modem, then 1200, 2400, 9600 etc.

For me the Internet (and USB) brings my Amy back from "Vintage" to modern (yes, I do love OS4 -- don't shoot the messenger).


30th June 2012, 21:57
Cool stuff dude. I run a basic 3.1 install. Now that I've finally sorted this networking nightmare out, I can finally start on tweaking and prettyfying the icons and desktop.

30th June 2012, 23:00
You want pretty, go for PowerIcons and download a ton of beautiful PNG icons; if you have OS4, download "PngIcon2Amiga.lha" as it simplifies things and can do a whole directory at a time.

[Sorry, off thread]

2nd July 2012, 01:12
You want pretty, go for PowerIcons and download a ton of beautiful PNG icons; if you have OS4, download "PngIcon2Amiga.lha" as it simplifies things and can do a whole directory at a time.

[Sorry, off thread]

Thanks bdb. I prefer using OS3.1 (I don't own 3.5 or 3.9 anyway) so will see what my icon options are. I'm sure there are loads of icon sets out, but I have an idea for a project I'm working on and all if it needs to tie in nicely.