View Full Version : blizzard 1260 using blizkick?

22nd June 2012, 22:14
hi guys

any one using a blizzard 1260 with blizkick if so what does it help with

any help/info welcome

thanks john

22nd June 2012, 22:27
Hi John, i have a blizzard 1260 and i use it with blizkick to softkick 3.1 roms after i installed my original roms incorrectly and killed them.

My tower now has 3.0 roms installed on a fastata with the b1260 which softkicks 3.1 and then reloads the 3.9 update and finally boots me into classicwb 3.9

22nd June 2012, 22:29
thanks mike have you used any other bits eg modules

22nd June 2012, 22:33
No sorry buddy, wouldn't even know where to start with them.
Just found what i needed and set it up lol

The only thing i did try was following the guide on here to create a 1mb 3.9 rom and tried to softkick it. While the rom worked fine in Winuae, blizkick wouldn't kick it and just gave me an error stating "unable to kick 39.rom"

Alexh said it only supports a 512k rom so that's probably why it didn't work

22nd June 2012, 22:34
thanks no worries mate

all i have done is installed and put

blizkick devs:rom3.1

and get a loop then it starts up

23rd June 2012, 17:35
I use BlizKick to kick my A1200 from 3.0 to 3.1 and apply all BB1,2,3 updates (instead of using LoadModule/LoadResident).
I also use some specific modules for my BPPC.

23rd June 2012, 19:05
That's true, blizkick only supports 512 KB ROM files, but you can always load the custom 3.9 parts as aditional modules over a 3.1 rom file, you will have to give it a wider estresbuff parameter value like 500000 for having some extra space for that modules (say devices, rom libs and such)

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note: the 512KB limit is given by the blizzard/cyberstorm rom mapping feature regardless the amiga model used (the 1200 supports 1MB real rom chips)