View Full Version : Sold A4000D PAL motherboard with broken simm slots

24th June 2012, 17:39
A4000 desktop motherboard, but unfortunately every SIMM slot is broken, the board otherwise has no other damage, there are no damaged traces, no battery damage, so once the SIMM slots are replaced, it is good to go.

Also the power connector has been glued in with silicone to connect to a regular AT power supply connector instead of the original A4000 one.

If you have the soldering skills necessary to fix it or if you want to send it to AmigaKit for repair it could be a good deal.

Comes with kickstart 3.0 chips and SuperBuster rev 9.

$50 CDN + shipping. Paypal as a gift otherwise buyer pays fees.

24th June 2012, 17:42
Declaring interest.

How much are the shipping costs to Germany?

24th June 2012, 17:47
2nd in line please.

Kind regards


24th June 2012, 17:49
Interessed next in line.

24th June 2012, 17:51
interested next in line

24th June 2012, 17:57
International shipping is subject to our wonderful Canada Post, so the rates are as follows:

To Germany:

Airmail: C$35
Surface: C$16 (4-6 weeks delivery!)

If desired, I can also provide package dimensions and weight over PM if you want to check for yourself. :)

EDIT: the cost is identical for the UK as well.

24th June 2012, 18:13
next in line

24th June 2012, 18:32
PM sent to alenppc. :thumbsup:

24th June 2012, 18:50
next :)

24th June 2012, 19:33
Payment sent.

24th June 2012, 20:16
Shipping service purchased and parcel prepared for drop off. I will drop it off on Tuesday since it's a holiday here tomorrow. Thank you very much.

4th July 2012, 22:55
Item received. Feedback left.

Thank you, mate! :thumbsup:

4th July 2012, 23:25
nice 1 guys just alenppc feedback now so we can close :thumbsup:

4th July 2012, 23:34
All done!