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25th June 2012, 10:12
Hello my fellow AmiBay'ers

I have decided to treat my wife to something special for our tenth year anniversary comming up shortly so to do that I have decided to put some items back into the community.

My Cyberstorm Mk2 060

(stock photo: thanks to amiga.resource.cx)

It comes with

A fully matched 60ns 128MB RAM (32MB x4)
Fast SCSI II Module

(stock photo: thanks to amiga.resource.cx)

18GB 10k SCSI Drive
SCA50 to SCA80 adapter

The 18GB SCSI drive and SCA adapter are actually freebees included in this bundle, and is fully setup with all the yummyness one can imaging

You will need Kickstart 3.1 installed in your machine to use the Hard disk- which I can offer a free programming service with free chips IF you own a valid license with this bundle.

This is everything you A4000/T or A3000 has been wanting for ever (unless you have a CSMk3 or PPC lol) - just position your clock jumpers to INT, plug in and away you go!

I have also updated the Firmware of the card to the latest version, so if you are crazy mad for speed with the right CPU this will happly clock to 66Mhz with SCSI support and about 75 without it (from my reasearch on the interwebs) as with all things... overclocking stresses components and your mileage will vairy.

So all that awesome for 350 + Postage (not including PayPal Fees)

Thanks for reading

25th June 2012, 11:48
Declaring interest.
Will PM afternoon/tomorrow.

25th June 2012, 21:46
2nd in line, PM sent.

25th June 2012, 23:21
Will add pictures on Wednesday, as this is when I get my camera back from AtariJay...

I will try and take a pic with my phone, but its pretty shonky... (the camera on the phone ... not the CSMk2 LOL)

26th June 2012, 20:08
Some images (click to zoom)

http://s6.postimage.org/zdg6sx9nx/IMAG0114.jpg (http://postimage.org/image/zdg6sx9nx/)

http://s6.postimage.org/q6xw5n4fh/IMAG0115.jpg (http://postimage.org/image/q6xw5n4fh/)

http://s6.postimage.org/zg02frdbh/IMAG0116.jpg (http://postimage.org/image/zg02frdbh/)

There is an additional piece that connects to SCSI to give you a HD50 external SCSI connector - although not pictured this is also included

26th June 2012, 21:12
After careful consideration I have to withdraw. Lack of funds.

29th June 2012, 16:18
sorry guys this is no longer for sale.