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26th June 2012, 01:03
Hey guys! I've got another piece of hardware up for sale! Anyways This post is for an original Alegra RAM Expansion for use with an Amiga 1000 computer. I originally had an Amiga 1000 that I used this device on. I no longer have that Amiga, and it has been sold since June of 2011. This RAM module has since been sitting in my closet collecting dust. It has not been near any electrical, or magnetic components since then. The last time this device was in use was in June of 2011, and it worked perfectly then. So I have no reason to believe that it shouldn't work fine now. However, because I have no way to tested it, I cannot guarantee whether or not it will in fact work. This RAM module connects to the outside of the computer, and it is 500KB.


I am asking $39.99 plus $7.65 shipping (to continental United States.) I can do international shipping upon request. Please leave me a message with your address information and I will quote you a price.

Thanks for looking at my ad, and have a good day! :)

26th June 2012, 05:18
It's 512k and it's a nice unit, I have one. :thumbsup:

26th June 2012, 23:13
Interested, and PM sent.

26th June 2012, 23:29
PM sent.

PM sent is not a declaration of interest. Please clarify if you are interested or not.

28th June 2012, 02:54
PM recieved, and sold to ajacocks!

Thanks for your interest!

29th September 2012, 01:15
RAM received and working well. Sorry for the long delay, and thanks for a great transaction!

- Alex