View Full Version : Closed Golden Image Mouse, Alfa data automatic mouse switch, Commodore VGA adapter, Amigos midi

28th June 2012, 21:35
Golden Image 2-button mouse ( also for ATARI, has a switch ): 10 euro
Alfa Data automatic mouse switch: 15 euro ( SECOND ONE AVAILABLE, SO BELOW IS ANOTHER ONE SOLD )
Amigos Midi with gender changer: 15 euro SOLD
Commodore 390682-01 RGB to VGA adapter: 10 euro SOLD

28th June 2012, 23:06
interested in the Alfa Data automatic mouse switch, sending PM now.

29th June 2012, 06:16
pm with total cost send.

29th June 2012, 09:14
Payment made.

29th June 2012, 10:16
Thank you, will ship tomorrow or mondaymorning.

7th October 2012, 14:20
UP + Another joystick switch available !

9th October 2012, 20:44
Declaring interest in RGB -> VGA Adapter & Midi interface

9th October 2012, 21:52
second in line with interest in RGB Commodore Adapter depending on version. is it the 01 or 03 version

10th October 2012, 17:17
I wish everyone sended PM's when declaring interest in an item. VGA adapter sold to Miru.

Luckily I have more of these so I can also sell one to gpmvdr ... sending PM myself ...

13th October 2012, 18:26
Payment sent. Awaiting adapter :) pm me when you sent it, and tracking, thanx!

13th October 2012, 19:09
adapter send but I have to admit I didn't realize you wanted tracked mail. That would have costed almost double the current shipping price. Anyway if it doesn't arrive ( what I doubt ), let me know.

15th October 2012, 04:54
Thanks! Its ok about the tracking, I am sure it will arrive either way. Its not much of a difference in the us, so I thought it is available. Will let you know once it arrives.

24th October 2012, 06:53
I forgot about this! Item received, all ok (only tested it over the weekend, lol). Leaving feedback now.

29th October 2012, 11:58
C= VGA Adapter and MIDI device received; just leaving feedback.