View Full Version : Sold Genuine Commodore ROM 3.1 for A4000D

29th June 2012, 23:19
For A4000T V3.1 V40.70, used but working fine :thumbsup: - still available..

Can be used in A4000D but workbench.library has to be in Libs: folder on hard drive.

Replacement offered to specialK.

Asking 20 with free postage

30th June 2012, 00:16
expressing interest with postage to Sydney, Australia.


30th June 2012, 00:24
Interested, second in line

30th June 2012, 00:28

30th June 2012, 00:47
declairing interest 4th in line

30th June 2012, 12:29
payment completed via paypal as requested. Dziekuje.

30th June 2012, 12:55
For A4000D V3.1 V40.70

Sorry, but V40.70 is for the A4000T not for A4000D :cool:

30th June 2012, 13:00
For A4000D V3.1 V40.70

Sorry, but V40.70 is for the A4000T not for A4000D :cool:

Oops, I had it working in A4000D, is there a significant difference ?

Found it, will discuss it with specialK and refund if necessary.

Thanks InsertDisk3. You learn something new every day :).

30th June 2012, 20:54
40.70 will work in a 4000D, but you need workbench.library in the libs.
I have a set too on a 4000D CR.

30th June 2012, 20:58
Kick 3.1 ROMs for the A4000D are revision 40.068. Those for the A4000T are 40.070. The only significant difference is that workbench.library was removed from 40.070 to make room for the scsi.device to drive the A4000T's onboard A4091.

You can quite happily run an A4000D with 40.070 ROMs, but you'll need to ensure you have a copy of workbench.library on your boot disk (and/or have a set of A4000T Workbench 3.1 disks)

Conversely, if you don't use the on-board SCSI, there's no reason you couldn't use a 40.068 ROM set in an A4000T.


3rd July 2012, 07:07
Marcin has accepted the replacement so ROM 3.1 for A4000T is still for sale.

7th July 2012, 11:30
Free delivery.

7th July 2012, 12:09
Still interested but I think I'm third in line after amigaman2000

7th July 2012, 12:24
PM sent to amigaman2000 :thumbsup:

7th July 2012, 14:29
PM replied

8th July 2012, 10:24
Payment sent

21st July 2012, 15:41
ROMs received, feedback left

15th August 2012, 13:04
my ROM's also arrived, thank you. feedback left.

15th August 2012, 13:34
I had buyed a set of Rom from amikit 40.70 but on MY 4000 rev b dont Wanna make the switch on.the roms work but after some hardware checking phase they don't start the requester of disk.i thinked the problem is the CPU probably this set of roms need the 040 or 060 CPUs, I have 030 on my miggy right now.if some one have different experience can report to me? Thank you.

23rd September 2012, 21:30
Feedback's left. Please close.