View Full Version : Closed Blizzard 603/160 + 040/25 + 32MB

30th June 2012, 18:51
I tried to sell this in 2008 but was unhappy at how high the Paypal fees would be! The buyer was going to be in the UK later in the year, but we both forgot about it...

Also, at that point I had no way of knowing if it was still working, since my Amiga broke in 2001. I bought another in 2011, just to play Road Rash, so I should be able to test before I sell!

I am open to offers. I am also willing to part exchange for a 68k board plus money. I can supply, name, address, land line phone number etc. Collection in person would be great!

If someone was willing, I would also be prepared to do the following, to reduce Paypal fees.
a. 33% by bank transfer
b. 33% by Paypal
c. item is sent to buyer
d. remaining 34% plus postage by bank transfer

Or maybe we could split the Paypal fees and do the whole thing through that?

30th June 2012, 19:02
Please don't declare interest unless a price is stated. Thanks. :)

30th June 2012, 19:11
@ thread as Phantom as said no one can declare interest untill seller states a price

@ branney please state a price and you can put ono


also no declared interest is valid untill after the price is included