View Full Version : Sold A3640 rev 3.2

1st July 2012, 01:40
I have one last refurbished C= A3640 CPU board for sale. Suits A3000/A4000, comes with standard 68040RC25 CPU at 25MHz WITHOUT HEAT SINK.

Board has new SMD electrolytic capacitors with polarity corrections. Timing modification done. Upgraded logic images in PLDs U204, U209 for update to board revision 3.2.

Fully tested and working. Hi-res photo of actual board here (http://amiga.serveftp.net/Temp/A3640-IMG_5148.JPG).

Asking 66 Euro + freight. Freight to Europe is 13 Euro, will be cheaper if closer to NZ.

If required I can supply and fit a new heatsink + fan for an additional 12 Euro.

1st July 2012, 20:08
Interested pending some questions

4th July 2012, 09:23
A3640 sold to ads1500.

Received payment and is in the post.