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24th September 2009, 03:49
I am selling the following items:

Item #1

Item #2


Item #4

I accept paypal and Western Union money orders. Shipping is free anywhere in the world!

Item #1 costs 5 US dollars
Item #2 costs 7 US dollars
Item #3 costs 7 US dollars
Item #4 costs 7 US dollars

If you buy multiple items you may ask for a dsicount! Items are sold as they are due to age.

Edited by Merlin:
Please disregard the Imagine 5 discs in Item 4, as they are not original software and should not have been offered for sale on AmiBay.

Kin Hell
24th September 2009, 09:41
<snip> Items are sold as they are due to age.

Is that another way of saying & they might not work when you get them?

With all respect, this is software you're selling & floppy disk based medium is not a very reliable storage source.
I'm interested in item 4 but not for them to arrive non-functional. I can look at the pictures above for free, but paying 7 bucks just to hold them is not ideal for me.


24th September 2009, 13:39
:Doh: :sigh:

@ kurq

I'd like to raise a couple of points about your offer above.

1. Could you please state your location and country, for shipping purposes.

2. The 'Imagine 5' floppies are NOT originals and therefore are not allowed for sale on here. Please remove them from your offer. AmiBay does not allow copied software to be offered as it is a breach of copyright. :nono:

3. Can you please familiarise yourself with our site sules, so that future problems don't occur. :readit: :RTFM:



Kin Hell
24th September 2009, 14:09
After talking with Merlin on the phone, I stand down from any interest.


24th September 2009, 17:57
My appologies, I am sorry. Imagine disks will NOT be sold!

24th September 2009, 21:13

We do this to protect our members and the site from any possible enforcement action, due to offering possible counterfeit software for sale. As you are new here, I won't issue a warning this time, however, I trust you have learned from this....



Kin Hell
25th September 2009, 02:49
I just want to add:

Afaik, Imagine 4 & 5 was downloadable from their FTP site. Once you had paid for the software, a username & password was emailed to the buyer allowing download access to the relevant files. Then the disk could be written by the downloader.

I won't say this stands in concrete & can't prove what I have interpreted from reading snippets over the web. Impulse no longer is an offical supported web site & perhaps there are some support sites still out there with rights to the software?

In light of my interests & AmiBays policies, I just thought I should add the angle of the dangle from my side of things & was not wanting to push AmiBay's boudaries to any testing limits. As with such a lot of Amiga Software, much is still aloof about copyright infractions on what is now beyond Vapoware description. :thanks:


5th August 2010, 23:17
Items sold elsewhere.

Thanks Amibay

6th August 2010, 00:21
Items sold elsewhere.

Thanks Amibay

Time to close the thread then.

Dave G :cool: