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1st July 2012, 11:06
520 STE Turbo pack comprising:

Games, in original boxes with inserts, good condition. Games come two to a box:

Dragon's Breath/Indy [Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade]
HKM/Impossible Mission II
Out Run/Super Cycle
Blood Money/Anarchy

There is also:

Atari ST backup program
Discovery Pack
ST/Amiga Printer drivers
Creativity disks 1, 2, 3 & 4

And manuals in a Turbo Pack box:

Hyperpaint 2/Music Maker 2/First Basic/Games instructions
STOS The Game Creator

10, plus p&p.

Untested in that I only have a hi-res b&w screen and not all of this software will run on it. I can see the contents of the disks though. Have used First Basic.

Will try to post pictures later.

Can send anywhere.

Paypal gift preferred, look at my feedback if you're worried. Only paypal gift if you have less than 10 feedback.

5th July 2012, 21:33
Please close this thread, I need the space so the boxes and inserts are probably gonna get chucked, maybe some of the leaflets too.

5th July 2012, 21:38
hi mate maybe put them in the recycle bin instead of chucking them

do you want this moved?

5th July 2012, 21:40
Do not throw away vintage Atari stuff please. Someone will gladly take them for free.

5th July 2012, 21:46
Thanks for the offer but it's probably better I do a separate recycle thread to make clear what's being offered [plus there will be some other bits from other threads].

5th July 2012, 21:47
ok no worries will close then