View Full Version : Closed CPU UPGRADE like Cyrix CX486SRX2-25/50MP or similar.

1st July 2012, 18:22
Please I want to find a CPU ugrade 386-->486 like Cyrix CX486SRX2-25/50MP or similar. I don't want to desolder old CPU so I want a clip solution.

Thank you :)

4th July 2012, 15:47
I have one Ti 486DLC@40 and one IIT 487DLC Co-Pro if you are interested.

4th July 2012, 16:17
Can you send me some photos? I will PM you my email :)

4th July 2012, 16:57
The CPU is here (http://www.oldcpu.cz/CPU/Texas-Instruments/486-DLC).

The FPU is exactly like this one. (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-collectible-coprocessor-IIT-4C87DLC-40-cpu-/130724940899?pt=CPUs&hash=item1e6fd04c63)

4th July 2012, 17:34
Sorry but I have 386sx plcc version soldered so I must use a clip on cpu version.