View Full Version : Closed QL ULA chip ZX8301 CLA2310

2nd July 2012, 05:34
Looking for the chip FOUND!
my ql does not show video.:)

3rd July 2012, 09:25
I have the necessary parts listed on www.sellmyretro.com (http://www.sellmyretro.com) - however, you say the QL does not show any video - if the 8301 needs replacing then the QL will not work at all - does F1/F2 make mdv1 whir around ?

If so, then the 8301 is probably OK, and you need a new MC1377P chip (this is the video chip which is located behind mdv1_ (a pain to get to but at least it is in a socket).


3rd July 2012, 20:25
the screen shows corrupt video sometimes no image sometimes a white green horizontal stripes
is the 2345 the same as the 2310?
the ql does not responde on F1/F2 no drive action

3rd July 2012, 21:56
It does sound like the 8301 - certainly worth a try.

The 2345 was the later version of the 8301 - there is not a lot of difference, unless you want to drive an external video controller, so far as I know.

15th July 2012, 15:43
No difference in the video signal
any suggestions?:o